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11 min readJun 24, 2021

Mganga Hajigangi — Surviving Online Hostility.

The saying though…Mganga Hajigangi, A doctor cannot treat oneself. Also made me think of Sir William Olser who said “A physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient’ What a rude reminder. So rude.

Greetings my fellow digital citizens. It’s been quite a dark ride, these past 72hours, and I humbly thank all those who took time to check on my wellbeing. I am alive. It actually feels good typing that, Alhamdulilah.

I also truly appreciate those who did not agree with my ‘break’, many saying ‘You shouldn’t have given in Carol’. You are so much bigger than that’. I ‘m actually smiling as I re-read all these messages and emails.

I also understand those who thought I had forgotten my training and certification, and took it upon themselves to remind me ‘But you train these things in your #WomenAtWeb programs, you run a bloody campaign called #MitandaoSalama for GOD’s sake, what do you tell these young girls in these workshops of yours if deactivating your account is what you do when it happens to you, come on Carol, ignore them. Practice what you preach’. To which I ‘m still smiling.

And you see, I should have responded, I should have told him that I ‘m doing exactly what we train and coach them to do when it comes to responding or reacting to online abuse, specifically as a psycho-social safety measure. Because my fellow digital citizens, your mental wellness and inner energy should always come first. This is actually straight from our certified curriculum on digital safety — psycho social safety tip for online abuse victims.

My fellow digital citizens, for those who are wondering what I ‘M on about, for the past few weeks I have been sort of a person of interest to a certain group of Tanzanians on the Twitter Platform led by the ‘Mighty Log’ to a point I had to take some time off and deactivate my account. Contrary to what many believe to be a recent altercation that brought this on, this is definitely not our first rodeo, between the mighty log and his legion and I that is..see this article I wrote the last time they got to me here this was actually in 2019, where a number of attacks were also launched on me by the Mighty Log and Co, in response to me quoting an article on Social Media Activism. When you read the article, you will see I admit to having a serious breakdown, pushed to the brink, so this is actually the second time I am going through this with them. Also how would they have known that I suffer from episodes of depression and…

Carol Ndosi

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