An ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’ — A vision to behold.

Carol Ndosi
5 min readSep 11, 2023

Tanzania, the land of breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is embarking on an ambitious journey towards a comprehensive digital transformation. Beyond the picturesque scenery, this transformation represents a pivotal leap forward — a vision known as ‘Digital Tanzania.’

In this article, I explore the multifaceted aspects of an ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’, recognizing that it revolves around connectivity, infrastructure, human capital and e-governance.

Bridging the Connectivity Divide

The first stepping stone toward ‘Digital Tanzania’ is the universal accessibility of high-speed internet. Tanzania understands that no corner of the nation should be left in the digital shadows. Extensive investments in fiber-optic networks and 5G technology are the foundation for connecting even the remotest areas, unlocking a world of possibilities for education, healthcare, and economic growth.

An ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’ would be one where people’s right to internet is not limited by network connectivity and most importantly, propelled towards meaningful connectivity.

Digital Education Revolution

Education is the cornerstone of any digital society. In this vision of ‘Digital Tanzania,’ digital literacy and online learning resources are not just available — they are abundant. Schools and universities seamlessly integrate technology into curricula, preparing students with the digital skills demanded by the modern age.

An ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’ would be one where digital skills are made available to both in school and out of school communities.

The Government’s Digital Leap

An ‘Ideal Digital Tanzania’ envisions a government that is efficient, transparent, and accessible to all citizens. E-government services, online tax filing, digital identity systems, and government portals are not just concepts but everyday realities, reducing bureaucracy, enhancing accountability, and saving precious time and resources.

An ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’ would be one where beyond one stop shops for government services, people can i.e report a case online to the police and court proceedings are digitalized.

Pioneering Healthcare with Technology

A ‘Digital Tanzania’ reimagines healthcare, making it accessible even in remote areas. Telemedicine, electronic health records, and mobile health apps bring healthcare to everyone’s fingertips. This transformation not only saves lives but also streamlines the healthcare system. What if a patient in Tandahimba was able to consult a doctor in Mloganzila through a phone or tab and share their blood results digitally before?

Smart Cities: Hubs of Innovation

Cities in ‘Digital Tanzania’ are not just smart; they’re sustainable hubs of innovation. Smart city technologies, driven by IoT sensors, optimize traffic, improve waste management, and enhance public safety. I know..too smart? But we have to agree sustainable infrastructure projects, including renewable energy sources, create environmentally friendly urban landscapes.

Supporting Digital Entrepreneurs

The nation’s digital ecosystem thrives with entrepreneurship. ‘Digital Tanzania’ encourages digital startups with access to funding, mentorship, and co-working spaces. This not only fuels innovation but also generates employment opportunities and economic growth. The work of COSTECH is 1000 times more in both numbers and impact and perhaps there is more than one COSTECH? Something in the private sector? Beyond hubs, but sandboxes with actual money to invest in exploring and testing of solutions?

Securing the Digital Frontier

As digitalization accelerates, cybersecurity and data privacy take center stage. Tanzania invests in robust cybersecurity measures and legislation to protect critical infrastructure and safeguard citizens’ data, ensuring that the digital benefits aren’t overshadowed by security threats. An ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’ would see The data privacy law as a double edged sword holding accountable both the public and private sector. Aah and we can have regulation on emerging technologies — i.e regulate A.I.

Ensuring Digital Inclusion and Equity

In ‘Digital Tanzania,’ no one is left behind. Policies and programs focus on closing the digital divide, ensuring that marginalized communities and individuals have access to digital tools and opportunities, promoting social equity and inclusivity. More open source tools, ones that are maintained beyond donor funding cycles! Ha!

Financial Inclusion: Supporting the Unbanked

Digital financial services, such as mobile banking and mobile money, reach the underserved. Financial inclusion supports individuals and small businesses, fosters economic growth, and improves access to credit. Mobile money financial statements/transactions history can actually be used to guarantee micro loans for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Agriculture: A Digital Revolution in Farming

This one, can we DREAM BIG. Agriculture, a significant part of Tanzania’s economy, benefits from digital solutions. Actual real solutions targeting REAL FARMERS. Smart farming technologies, weather forecasting apps, and digital marketplaces enhance crop yields, reduce losses, and connect farmers with buyers. But these solutions have to be realistic, taking to account specific contexts.

A Digital Learning Journey for All

Digital literacy programs encompass all age groups, ensuring that every citizen has the skills to navigate the digital landscape. This includes not only basic computer skills but also critical thinking and digital safety awareness.

Fostering Innovation and Startups

Innovation hubs and startup incubators spring to life in major cities, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. These hubs provide a space for tech startups to develop and scale their digital solutions. A ‘Digital Tanzania’ would see this happen beyond Dar es Salaam’s Silicon Valley.

Open Data for Transparency

The government promotes transparency by releasing public data in open formats. Developers and researchers leverage this data to create valuable applications and insights for the benefit of society.

Sustainability Through Technology

Digital solutions, such as smart grids and energy-efficient buildings, contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing resource consumption and environmental impact. It is an ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’ after all.

Public Awareness and Digital Citizenship

Public awareness campaigns educate citizens about digital rights, cybersecurity, and responsible digital behavior, ensuring safe and ethical digital participation. TCRA actually recognizes work also done in the private sector to contribute to such.

Interoperability and Standards

Interoperability standards ensure that different technologies work seamlessly together, facilitating efficient data exchange between government agencies, businesses, and citizens. An ideal ‘Digital Tanzania’ would be one where our President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s statement of ‘Mifumo isomane’ is brought to reality.

Our dreams are VALID.

Tanzania’s journey towards ‘Digital Tanzania’ is an ambitious, multifaceted endeavor that goes beyond connectivity and e-governance. It encompasses education, healthcare, innovation, financial inclusion, sustainability, and more. Through collaboration, investment, and a clear strategy, Tanzania is poised to become a shining example of a ‘Digital Africa,’ fostering progress and prosperity for all its citizens in the digital age.

Aluta Continua..towards building a ‘Digital Tanzania’.



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